12 Nov 09

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I have been gaming on the web or at land based gambling halls for a good many years. I have found out, the fixation is able to take a hold of you and you will not even realize it up till you are broke. Markedly if you are on a scoring streak. I have gone through many tens of thousands of dollars in only a short period of time and even still on occasion, I still go too long. It appears you are just enjoying yourself up till you choose to pay attention to your loss and the anguish sets in, and then you continue telling yourself "I could earn the money back" again and again. It never works. Then you feel sick to your gut and the more you attempt the faster you relinquish.

When you find that you are up, STAY in the Black! When you begin to give away, don’t inform yourself, "well just one more" and again and again, believe in me, this plan almost never ever functions. Say you plan on betting on slot machine games, keep a number set aside ahead of beginning your wagering. DON’T exceed that range, regardless of how tempting. If you happen to profit, put that in an alternate cup. Do not risk your earnings regardless of what happens. Once you have gambled through your beginning set range, stop. Depart, whether it is on the internet or in a real life casino, do not stay at the tables or machines. At all times remember, there no doubt will be another day, another time. Clearly, this tactic is able to work for any casino game that you play, be it bingo, poker, video poker, keno, chemin de fer or any other game.

Remember, betting should be entertaining not backbreaking, sickening work! If you are not enjoying yourself, you do not belong there. If you cannot pay for the hit, do not ever begin.

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